13.10.2007 – Jan Kath rug art ~ showroom opening [Bochum]

13.10.2007 – Jan Kath rug art ~ showroom opening [Bochum]

Sa 13.10.2007 – 18:00 Uhr – Bochum

Showroom Opening

Jan Kath’s collection links the traditional handicrafts of the Himalayas with modern, almost minimalist design. A synthesis which leads to extraordinary pieces. Kath was already familiar with the fascination of hand-knotted carpets from his family background: two generations before him had already been active in the carpet trade. So it was no coincidence that long working stays in the Middle East led him onwards to the Himalayas. Since 1996 he has been realising his vision of contemporary carpet art with a workshop in Nepal.

The secret of the aesthetic refinement of the carpets lies in clarity of design and skilful use of traditional know-how: the use of exclusively hand-spun and hand-carded wool produces carpets which often play with the richness of nuances of a single colour, called the abrash. In this way, masterworks full of harmony and simplicity are created – each piece unique.

The basic material of all the collections is Tibetan Highland wool – one of the best quality and most robust types of wool in the world. Jan Kath offers two knot configurations: super 80 and 100 knots. In order to guarantee the best possible quality, the wool is prepared step by step in his own workshops and coloured with high quality Swiss dyes to make it ready for the months of handiwork. Environmentally friendly, socially responsible – no child labour. The majority of the carpets are then finished in Switzerland.

All the collections presented here can be modified in size, colour, design and knot configuration. Choose from up to 125 colours: further materials such as nettle and hemp are also possible. Special custom orders are produced in the workshop just as professionally as the collections. Flexibility in interior design as well: thanks to their common signature, all the carpets can be combined with other collections in a system of building blocks. Let your fancy take flight!

Showroom opening with snacks, cocktails and music.
Visual presentation of Jan Kath rug art by PHE and Yochee.