19.-21.7.2013 – Serendubity [Berlin]

19.-21.7.2013 – Serendubity [Berlin]

The Serendubity Festival is a space where different people, styles of music and expectations can come together. On clearings, barefoot beaches and in the little camp at the Kiekebusch lake we would like to create a feeling of community in the open space with no need for walls.

In Serendubity different styles of music add to the syllable Dub in order to create an alternative to the techno scene. Reggae, ska, balkan, dubstep, dnb, ragga, jungle, roots. This music will play on a live stage and two additional floors on little clearings in the middle of the woods. There are also workshops, chillout, light and projection art, performances, firespace and hammocks hidden between the trees.

The space will be designed with re-usable materials such as pallets and plywood. Further waste products that accumulate in the urban context will be transformed artistically in order to serve as decoration.

It is our concern not to make a further contribution to the imbalance between nature and concrete with our festival. Instead, we would like to experiment with creative solutions for dealing with existing problems and waste products.

In order to create a further meeting place, we will build a little tent city at the Kiekebusch lake connecting directly to the festival area. We wish to share a place in the middle of nature that restores our conscious perception of time and leaves room for the unexpected.

The word “serendipity” refers to a random encounter with something not sought for that turns out to be a new and surprising experience. Relating to dub, we hope for musical and artisitic coincidences to take place that cause people to meet the familiar in an unfamiliar way.

Not only do we want to consume the music, but also use it as an inspiration for the unexpected. By building a collective installation just next to the floors, we want to use and transform the sensations and creativity set free by the music. So every evening, there will evolve a different form of community and celebration.

The Serendubity Rhythm & Space is a non-profit festival that is not based on material gains. It is organized by the Serendipity Kollektiv, a bunch of artists, musicians, enthusiasts and lunatics, who made it their goal to create there own vacant spaces in the middle of nature and to share, develop and enjoy them together with other people.