8.8.2019 – Workshop: FFGL Plugin Development [Weimar]

8.8.2019 – Workshop: FFGL Plugin Development [Weimar]

FFGL Plugin Beginners Guide – by Yochanan Rauert

FFGL the open-source cross-platform real-time video effects plugin system – based on OpenGL

FreeFrame provides a framework for developing video effects plugins and hosts on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. The plugins are initially intended for use in VJ applications. The project was initiated by developers from VJamm, Resolume and EffecTV. (http://freeframe.sourceforge.net/about.html)

You will lear how to convert shaders from Shadertoy.org to modern FFGL (1.5, 1.6, 2.0) Plugins, that can use the GPU!

3 hours beginner’s seminar (an hour’s break) in english

Registration: genius-loci-weimar.org (is limited!)