10.11.2012 – Trust in Wax

10.11.2012 – Trust in Wax

Funk, HipHop, Drum’n’Bass, BigBeat, Roots. 2 Floors. Immer am 2. Samstag des Monats in Münster

Early Bird Warm-Up Concert:

Im Anschluss//
Trust in Wax Soundsystem

Funk, HipHop, Drum’n’Bass, BigBeat, Dubstep, Reggae.
w/ At & Mighty Maigl
We dig deeper. … trust us!

Trust in Wax is a collective of Artists with a monthly night in Münster, Germany. The night has been going from strength to strength for over ten years now. That’s something we’re quite proud of. It is about music, not cheap booze. Good music. No matter which style. Hip Hop, Soul, Jungle, Reggae – you get the idea. If we like it, we’ll play it. And if we don’t play it, our guests will.

Als Warm-Up gibt’s schonmal den neuen Soundcloud-Mix von Trust in Wax. Check it out: