30.1.2010 – Ein Jahr Bassmania feat. Kubiks (Rubik Rec. UK)

30.1.2010 – Ein Jahr Bassmania feat. Kubiks (Rubik Rec. UK)

Samstag den 30.1.2010 im Triptychon am Hawerkamp (Münster) ab 23:00 Uhr

Kubiks (rubik records London/UK)
Basssoul (trifire sessions/Mainz)
Trilingo (live drum set dj set)

Melcut (bassmania)

visuals by Yochee (bassmania / 7dex.de / RCY)


Kubiks (rubik records/London)!
‚KUBIKS‘, or Doug Ross to the non drum and bass world has emerged as a key artist in recent years. Spending most of his life based in Bristol he discovered his love for Drum & Bass after seeing Roni Size, Die & Krust DJing at Lakota in 1998. It wasn’t long before he started producing and in 2002 had his debut 12″ released on John B’s label TANGENT. Soon after this KUBIKS teamed up with BCEE and launched RUBIK RECORDS. With a string of releases on his own label, KUBIKS met a new face to BRISTOL, Davide Carbone and soon discovered a very successful partnership. The pairing went on to release on a number of labels including 31 Records, Industry, Renegade and Defunked.

In 2005, Davide Carbone moved to London and the duos releases started to slow down. Should it be fate or perfect timing when one of the members of HOLD TIGHT (Lomax) moves to Bristol and a new team is formed. Both bringing skills the other didn’t have to the table KUBIKS & LOMAX soon saw a run of releases that lasted until 2007 when they took 6 months out to write their DEBUT album ‚SPEAK LIFE‘ which was release on German label PHUNKFICTION RECORDINGS. Kubiks & Lomax have managed to clock up over 30 releases in 3 years including such labels as V Recordings, C.I.A, Defunked, Nu Directions, BS1 & Spearhead.

Kubiks now resides in Chichester on the south coast of England where he has become a family man, plays golf and smokes a pipe on the weekends. With released lined up throughout 2009 KUBIKS is continuing to DJ both national and International sets.

C.I.A, V recordings, 31 Records, Industry, Nu Directions, Progress, Renegade, Defunked, Tangent, Calypso, Soundtrax, Spearhead, Phunkfiction, FF Rec, Phuzion, Jive & Rubik records.
See KUBIKS blog on for his complete discography & discover opportunities to be taught by the man himself in one of his Logic tutorials.

Der Labelchef vom Rubik Label (Lomax etc.), wird euch bei seinem bisher ersten Auftritt hier in Münster die neuesten Scheiben und sein neues Album „Blurred Vision“ um die Ohren hauen, von hart bis zart!!
myspace.com/kubiks Basssoul (trifire sessionz/ Mainz)!
Das Mastermind der Trifire Sessionz in Mainz wird uns zeigen, was pfälzischer DnB bedeutet!

Trilingo (Bassmania/ Münster) —-> inklusive live schlagzeug und dj set!
Trilingo is a drum n bass artist based in Muenster Germany. Alex Pienemann was born in Sydney Australia in 1985. He learned the drums and several percussion instruments and has performed in numerous bands. He started to produce electronic music in 2005.
In 2006 Trilingo released several tracks on ENEMYMOVEMENT records.
Followed by 2008’s release on BEATADDICTION recordings.
His way of producing his music has made him believe that everything is possible and that there would never be any boundaries.

Der australienstämmige Bassmania Resident wird mit seiner 18-jährigen Schlagzeugerfahrung die Musik untermalen! Einmalig!

trilingo – distant lights [promo video 2009]

Melcut (Bassmania/ Münster)!
Der Bassmania Schirmherr und (Mit-)Veranstalter gewisser Partyreihen wie Z.b. Jungle Mazzive, Sub Urban, Basskanal uvm. wird wie immer die Party mit sauber gemischten Basslines „zuwobblen“! Permanentes freestyle double dropping ist seine Spezialität!
Melcut gehört zu den meistgebuchten Drum&bass DJs Münsters.

MC Temper (Kings of the Jungle/ Bremen)!
Letzten Monat in den U.S.A. und Brasilien, davor in Russland und in Italien und jetzt bald bei uns! Ein international gefragter MC und weiterer neuer Resident der Bassmania Partyreihe! Sein erster Auftritt in Deutschland nach seiner Südamerika-Tour!

VJ Yochee (Bassmania/ 7dex.de/ Münster)!
:) anything more to say?

Samstag den 30.1.2010 im Triptychon am Hawerkamp (Münster) ab 23:00 Uhr