24.9.2005 – BASS geht ?! / 4m8

24.9.2005 – BASS geht ?! / 4m8

24.09.2005 – 4m8 –

Come on Dick…. Don´t be lazy you pussy. 4m8 is gonna be real mad funky drum + bass party. I like to sweat my booty. Let´s get some kinky fun with my friends. REMEMBER…

Bass geht: 4M8 – Pure Quality in Supersounds with

Man At Cuts (ITF-DJ Weltmeister/Fucking Tight Crew/Rheine)
Phil Barbee (Das DJ Liebesbuch/Favela Zoo/IBMM/Münster)
Bend-R (4m8/Remote Controlled Youth/Dortmund)
Parazol (4m8/Remote Controlled Youth/Dortmund)

Live Visuals by Yochee.
Reale Personen transzendieren tanzend in virtuelle Welten.

Start 23:00 • Eintritt 4 Euro • Club Favela • Hawerkamp 31 • Münster